Accelerated Orthodontics

We live in a fast-paced world where we want results quicker than ever before. That's why we offer Accelerated Orthodontics, which provides you with the beautiful, straight smile that you want faster than traditional braces.

With Accelerated Orthodontics, we use clear, ceramic braces which are aesthetically-pleasing to those who are worried about wearing embarrassing metal braces. Not only are the brackets clear, but they also use tooth-colored wires, too! These braces are barely noticeable to others.

Accelerated Orthodontics has proven to move teeth into the desired position in just 3 to 8 months versus the 1 to 3 years conventional orthodontics requires. This revolutionary treatment option is ideal for most adults, but may not be suitable for everyone. We will work with you individually to determine if you are a good candidate for Accelerated Orthodontics.

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